Common Queries

What are the payment options?

We accept cash, bank transfer and all major debit and credit cards. We also accept Paypal.

Do you offer gift cards?

Unfortunately no, we currently do not offer gift cards.

Do you use floral foam?

No never!

Floral foam is a very useful and commonly used tool to secure flowers and keep them hydrated, however, floral foam is a dreadful product. It is loaded full of incredibly toxic ingredients (Formaldehyde. Carbon Black, Barium Sulphate to name a few).

It is Carcinogenic to anybody that breaths in its dust or handles it, In addition those incredibly dangerous chemicals make a lethal cocktail that leaches into our water systems when disposed of. it also is not compostable, not ever. It can NEVER break down and when it inevitably arrives in landfill it leaks those toxic gases into the environment.

Why British flowers?

Buying British and seasonal ensures a low carbon footprint, it makes it easy to ensure that best practise farming methods are used, For example but not exclusively;

  • Natural bee keeping to encourage bee populations and to aid pollination.

  • Composting and encouraging worms.

  • Free range poultry keeping to naturally control aphids and unwanted insects.

  • The use of Lace wing and Lady bird houses to encourage natural biodiversity and natural pest control.

Do you always use British flowers?

We sometimes use FairTrade flowers from The Real Flower Company because occasionally we need to balance the impact of heated glass houses in the UK and the carbon footprint created by transporting flowers.

By using The Real Flower Company we can be certain that flowers purchased from here are grown responsibly with best practise farming principles. We can be certain that the micro and macro environmental factors and the socio-economic impact on the region is thoughtfully considered and respected whilst they provide a safe working environment and a genuine living wage, particularly for women. We can also be certain that any impact on the environment during transport will be absolutely minimised. 

Do you use organic materials and flowers?

We are committed to being eco-friendly so we use organic where possible.

All our ribbons are hand made just for us using plant based dyes and beautiful vegan peace silk by Mia Sylvia.

We can also supply you with hand made soy candles if desired. 

Do I have to compromise on style if I use vegan flowers?

We are completely committed to never compromising on beauty or the luxury of our brand, our commitment to you is to always go that bit further, to go beyond your expectations and then some more. Your flowers will always be absolutely stunning

Do you use plastic in your designs?

We avoid plastic wrap and any single use plastic.

Do you recycle and use recycled materials?

We reuse and re-purpose where ever possible. We adore vintage. We also use only recycled paper.

Do you use animal products?

We strictly avoid animal products and any product that has been tested on animals.