About Blooming Kind

Blooming Kind was started by me, Tracey Elizabeth, after I decided that I really needed my floristry to reflect my values. I am committed to ethical floristry, sourcing eco alternative products and techniques, never using floral foam and using seasonal British or FairTrade flowers and foliage in all my work.
The carbon footprint and the ethics of every grower or supplier is thoughtfully considered to ensure that they reflect this ethos.

Blooming Kind is for those looking for an alternative, sustainable & environmentally kind way to buy absolutely beautiful designs & floral art for weddings, events and funerals.


How we are different

We are completely committed to never compromising on beauty or the luxury of our brand, our commitment to you is to always go that bit further, to go beyond your expectations and then some more. Your flowers will always be absolutely stunning. 

A Native American proverb suggests that all that we do today must be done with the next seven generations in mind. We pledge to always thoughtfully and conscientiously take this ethos into consideration in our work.


Some key differences

  1. We will NEVER use floral foam

  2. We buy all our flowers and foliage from artisan British or FairTrade flower farmers.

  3. We avoid plastic wrap and any single use plastic.

  4. We use organic where possible.

  5. We reuse and re-purpose where ever possible. We adore vintage.

  6. We use only recycled paper.

  7. We pay our own staff a living wage.

  8. We avoid animal products and any product that has been tested on animals.

  9. We use the same thoughtful consideration when choosing our ancillary products.